Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anything is Possible

Hey Everyone!

I know it has been a long while since I wrote on here but lets give it a try for old time sakes.

This last year and a half has been a fairly difficult one for me in many aspects.  I lost the one person I ever truly loved and cared about, I have not been as healthy as I would like to be and Academically, I could have done better.  However, I have had some great moments that I will cherish for a while.  Lets get started

I have met some amazing people that have helped me to smile more, to laugh more, and to live more.  These people have listened to me when I have been down and have tried their hardest to lift me up, even when all possibility seemed lost.  And many of them were successful.  Thank you!  Anything is Possible.

I have kept in contact with people that have looked up to and seeked advice from in the past.  When I struggle with a choice I have to make, these people have helped me to get through it and they have not turned their back on me or my situations. Thank You! Anything is Possible.

I have tried to reconnect with those that I have let slip away.  Friends from high school and friends from adventures.  Most of them have communicated back to me and hopefully I can start to re-establish a long lasting friendship.  Thank You! Anything is Possible.

I have a loving family.  This year, we took a family vacation, first one in many years and it was nice to have the family back together.  We are family and we hopefully will continue to grow back together. Thank You! Anything is Possible.

What I am trying to get across is that no matter what hardships you face, no matter what struggles you have, no matter what life throws at you, remember this......



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