Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anything is Possible

Hey Everyone!

I know it has been a long while since I wrote on here but lets give it a try for old time sakes.

This last year and a half has been a fairly difficult one for me in many aspects.  I lost the one person I ever truly loved and cared about, I have not been as healthy as I would like to be and Academically, I could have done better.  However, I have had some great moments that I will cherish for a while.  Lets get started

I have met some amazing people that have helped me to smile more, to laugh more, and to live more.  These people have listened to me when I have been down and have tried their hardest to lift me up, even when all possibility seemed lost.  And many of them were successful.  Thank you!  Anything is Possible.

I have kept in contact with people that have looked up to and seeked advice from in the past.  When I struggle with a choice I have to make, these people have helped me to get through it and they have not turned their back on me or my situations. Thank You! Anything is Possible.

I have tried to reconnect with those that I have let slip away.  Friends from high school and friends from adventures.  Most of them have communicated back to me and hopefully I can start to re-establish a long lasting friendship.  Thank You! Anything is Possible.

I have a loving family.  This year, we took a family vacation, first one in many years and it was nice to have the family back together.  We are family and we hopefully will continue to grow back together. Thank You! Anything is Possible.

What I am trying to get across is that no matter what hardships you face, no matter what struggles you have, no matter what life throws at you, remember this......



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To the Graduates....

Hey Everyone,

This post is particularly for those who are getting ready to graduate, whether it be from high school or from college.

To high schoolers: I have 2 in my family that will be graduating from high school this year and several others that I have had the privilege of mentoring or even just know.  Here is my advice to you.  Don't be afraid of the road ahead.  Right now it seems scary and to be honest, nerve-racking.  Those feeling will disappear and all will be well. 

Don't lose yourself.  College is intended to help you develop into who you become for the rest of your life.  What you learned in high school will help you in college, and what you learn in college is what will be with you for life.  Be true to yourself and don't be afraid of change because it will happen.  Every graduate I know are strong people who will go on to do great things.  I have no doubt.  Whether you go to college, go into the military, or go straight into the workforce, remember who you are and what you can do.

To College Graduates:  I have the honor of knowing some of the best people in the world and I know that I will be seeing them famous some day.  They have been mentors to me and I am so grateful for getting to know them.  My only advice is to continue to do what you all do best, be awesome.  The next time that I see a lot of you, you will be receiving your diplomas and moving to the next stage in your life.  I wish you guys the best.

Thats all for now folks,

Love & Laughs

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life Continues...

Hey Everyone,

A lot has happened since the last time I was on here.  I have had great moments and I have had moments where I did not know if I could continue on living like I am.  Let me go into a little detail about what has happened, both the good and bad.

Some of the Greatest things that have happened to me are as followed:

I became the new Student Governor for Missouri Western State University.  For those who don't quite knows what that means, I am the student representative on the Board of Governors for the university.  It is an honor to be selected by the Governor of the state to represent MWSU.

Recently, I was selected to be a Western VIP for 2012-2013.  Basically, my job is to represent the university for Guests and potential students to the university when they come to visit.  Very few are selected and I was one of them.

News away from school, on Thanksgiving, I became a 2-time uncle when my sister gave birth to my niece, Nora Souders. (Her full name is kinda long so I will just give you her name every calls her)  I have not met her in person only in pictures.  I must say that she is one of the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen.  I get to meet her soon when the family comes back to MO for my lil bro's graduation.  I is excited!

Thats another thing, my lil bro is graduating high school, let me say that again, my LIL BRO is GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL!!!!  Where has time gone.  I feel like just the other day, he was starting high school and now he is graduating.  Since he is the last one in my family to graduate, my house back home will be basically empty.   I wonder how the parents will take that.  I get a couple more years with him since he is planning on coming to MWSU next year.  So there is a positive to every situation.

My older brother is getting married in June and is expecting his 2nd child soon.  He and I havent always been the greatest of friends to each other, but he has come a long way from where he was and I am really proud of him.  I know that we will be a great father. 

Today is my sister's birthday.  Blogging is really her thing, I am not all that good at it.  so if you want a good read, I recommend the following link.

One thing that everyone needs to learn, and I want to apologize right now if this kind of brings the mood down for everyone but here it goes.  "All good things must come to an end"  the sooner that you learn that, the easier life is.  I recently split from my girlfriend and my best friend.  We had the most amazing time and I will always treasure those moments, but due to circumstances that neither of us had control over, we decided to go our separate ways.  It has been extremely hard on both of us and we miss the time we had.  I still love her and always will, I hope life heals the pain her and I have.

Another thing I want to stress to my readers is the importance of family.  You would not be here if it wasn't for family.  Right now, I am having trouble with my family and it is extremely hard and at times unbearable.  It is my fault for the troubles and I know that.  I plan on trying to rebuild the relationships I have.  I know they will never be the same but I hope for the best we can.

Thats all for now readers, I hoped you enjoyed.  If you liked this, I recommend that you read the blog that is linked above......SERIOUSLY! Like I am not kidding you all.

Love & Laughs

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Time in 20 years!

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday I did something I have never done before.  I went to the State Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Missouri.  Wow! It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.  The art and the atmosphere is so incredible that I would recommend anyone wanting to do... DO IT!

I should probably explain why I was in Jefferson city to begin with.  I was asked by the Student Government Association (SGA) executive board to go to the capitol to talk to Gov. Nixon's advisor about some issues here at school so I gladly accepted.

While we were there, we met with Representatives and Senators of the State.  We also got to go down on both the Senate and House main floor, which is normally restricted to Senaotrs and Reps and Media.  I felt so powerful there!

It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go back someday!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let it Snow

Hey All,

I had my second day of school yesterday and i have discovered that this semester is going to be a challenge for me.  I have three challenging classes that are going to test me both intellectually and physically.  We shall see!

Another big thing that happened today is that it snowed.  Now when I say snowed i mean SNOWED! From the time i post this we are sitting at five inches and still going.  Missouri Western State University cancelled classes for the evening yesterday because of safety for those traveling to campus.  Every student on campus is hoping that classes are cancelled tomorrow, but the idea is unlikely because the roads are being cleared as we speak. One can only hope that they are cancelled. 

Back home schools have already been cancelled. Those lucky ducks!

Well you will here from me if classes are cancelled.  Until then....


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Started

I decided to start a blog after I saw that my sister had one and I thought that that would be interesting. So here you have it, "Live for Laughs". This Blog is going to mainly be for expression and being able to be myself and have a good laugh about it. I promise that posts will be longer than this, but I am just starting!